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Aloha and Welcome to the Hawaii Smokers Alliance forum. Standing up for smoking and vaping rights.

This site is dedicated to re-establishing and protecting your right to Freedom of Choice. 

We did not ask our state government for these new draconic Smoking Ban Laws.  We are demanding a complete removal of such bigoted, unconstitutional and unscientifically based prohibition laws. 

You can help in the fight by contacting our legislators via this web site.  Sign up to become a member.  We will keep you informed of the latest news and what needs to be done to counter these unnecessary, unwanted laws.

Stand strong and proud friends by NOT caving in to the unenforceable and unconstitutional Oahu beach/park smoking ban. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Condo Owners take note: A 2/3 majority vote by the OWNERS and not the Board is required to ban smoking in individual units. This is a requirement in State Law.

Department of Health debacle

 The Hawaii Smokers Alliance is very pleased by the admission of the State Department of Health that “there is no evidence that partially enclosed restaurants/bars had any dangerous level of particulate matter either before or after the law”.  Also that an enclosed bar with its doors open had lower PM levels than a partially enclosed bar near and intersection.  What is extremely astonishing to us all are two main factors:

  1)      Why did the department of Health stand by an impact study that claimed no financially harm to an industry when this very report shows that after the law took effect, the patron levels had dropped in all but one location from anywhere between 2 to 85%?  If that is not inarguable and undeniable proof of a negative economic impact, then what else would you call it?


 2)      Why do the minions at the Department of Health continue to demand any outdoor or partially enclosed space regulation of Tobacco consumption?


 FACT:  Partially enclosed restaurants/bars were all well below the EPA’s 24 hour average limit both before and after the law.


 FACT:  A bar with its doors open has lower PM (Particulate Matter) levels the a partially enclosed bar near an intersection.


 FACT:  Any partially enclosed or outdoor restrictions on smoking are superfluous and or just plainly discriminatory in nature.


Their study just proved that point.

FACT:  Even their touted 90% drop in PM is laughable as the highest reading they were able to get were only at the 18% level of acceptable PM exposure as defined by the standards of OSHA (The occupational Safety and Health Administration) so even the enclosed spaces are well within acceptable guidelines and deemed to be a safe working environment.


FACT:  Customer numbers are down severely.  Where are all the promised non-smokers who swore they only stayed away from these venues because of the smoking?


 FACT:  Liquor revenue is down enormously.  Oh sure sales are up at 7-11 and Costco, but the adult venue revenue tanked a whopping $47 million dollars in 2007 alone.


FACT:  This study is biased in nature due to the participant’s well documented personal aversion to tobacco use in general.  They tried stacking the deck and fell flat on their faces...  Good work CFTFH, DOH...


 FACT:  No other businesses were included in this study, we suggest they do the same indoor air quality check at Camelia Buffet, HY’s Steak House or Ruth’s Chris and see where their PM levels come in.

Tourism Crashing?
These are what the headlines have been saying for the past few days.

It stands to reason that disenfranchising 30% of the World's population and all the folks who willingly travel with their smoker, family, friends, etc., would have a tremendous impact on our visitor counts. 

A very simple concept and solution...

Treat people with dignity, accomodate diversity and respect the time honored golden rule of personal choice and personal responsibility.

Maybe then we can all get back to the business of delivering that Aloha Spirit that Hawaii was once world renown for.

All we are saying, is give peace a chance...

These fine people (love the peace symbol) just want a place to go, to be with like minded individuals who accept them and their personal lifestyle choice.  Where is the harm in that?  People are unique and have their own acceptable levels of tolerance for a multitude of different lifestyle choices.  Some you may agree with, and other you may not, however, if it is a legal product (you can still buy cigarettes in a bar), or activity, it is probably best to mind your own business and avoid the things that cause you distress.  If you are adverse to tobacco smoke, then don't come in, or apply to work here, it's very simple!

We are proud of these Military Men, who just got back from their freedom fighting mission on the other side of the globe.  They deserve a place to gather, relax, have a brew and a smoke, they have earned it.  We will keep up the fight for your freedoms here on the home front boys, of that you can rest assured and Mahalo for your service to our Country!

Hawaii, the world is watching us, what we do here and now will cause an uproar in this attack on our citizens right to freedom of choice and their constitutional will to exercise their personal responsibility.  

Let's remind these legislators just who pays them and who they are supposed to be working for!  200,000 smokers in Hawaii can not be swept under the carpet without severe consequences... Ever heard of Elections 2008?  Check out the "RED LIST".  See if your lawmakers makes the grade...

We love this picture... The flag of our forefather's revolution...  Don't tread on me...  Priceless!

Smoking now illegal at Hawaii Beaches, Parks, and Municipal Golf Courses

Yep You heard that right.  So to our good friends from the East, west and everywhere in between... 

Keep your Money and STAY AWAY FROM HAWAII! 

The Big Island now has the distinction or should I say "DA DIS STINK tion" of being the most intolerant place on Earth for Smokers.

Together we can and will turn the tide.  Be proud, be an American and stand up for your right to freedom of choice!








Jolyn Tenn and Michael Zehner
Co-Chairs of the Hawaii Smokers Alliance



Useful Link: 
Hawaii Bar Owners Association


Note, "hawaiismokeralliance.com has been relocated at hawaiismokers alliance.net.

Ft row:  Rep. Colleen Meyer, Jolyn Tenn, Fred Remington, Atty. Paul Yamamura, Bob Speck
Bk row:  Kawika Crowley, Byron Chalfont, Karen Huntimer, Sandra Miano, Rich Miano, Michael Zehner, Larry Haanio,
Lance Gomes

Some of our legislative sessions daily drop off's.

Click here to see them all

Courtesy of Zero Shibai. Com

Hotels that are still smoker friendly

  Celebrity Resorts

Country Club Condo

Double Tree Alana

Ewa Hotel

Fairmont Kialani

Fairmont Orchid

Grand Hyatt Wailea

Harbor Arms Hotels

Hawaii Condo Resorts

Hawaii Prince Hotel

Hawai Sekitei Corp

Holiday Inn Waikiki

Hyatt Maui

Hyatt Waikiki

Ilima Hotel

Kahala Hotel

Kauai Sands

King Kamehameha Beach Hotel

Kona Bali Kai

Laie Inn

Maile Sky Court

Marc Resorts Diamond Head

M.R. Hawaii Moi

M. R. Molokai

M.R. Maui Vista

M.R. Molokai Shores

M.R. Pali Kekua

M.R. Poni Kai

M.R. Pua Poa

M.R. Waikiki Grand


Pacific Beach Hotel

Pacific Marina Inn


Sheraton Princess Kaiulani

Royal Hawaiian Hotel

Royal Kona

Royal Lahaina

Sheraton Waikiki

Uncle Billy's Kona

Waikiki Gateway Hotel

List as of 2011, please call the hotel to confirm the policy.

Kapalua Golf Course Lamenting the downturn in business

All golf course revenue is down sharply in the face of this ludacris legislation.

"a family of four cannot afford to spend 1,000 for a round of golf"

But a Cigar Smoking Foursome made of of International Businessmen used to drop that tidy sum without a second thought...

Who do you think they should be catering to?

Most of these executives still haven't connected the dots...

They are still trying to figure out why their endless supply of wealthy tourists have disappeared.

The answer is plan and very simple.

You must offer basic accomodations throughout the hospitality and leisure activities sectors and stop penalizing visitors, or refusing to accomodate them for choosing to enjoy a legal product.  You know, the ability to have a cocktail and a smoke, or an outdoor setting meal, a cocktail and a smoke...

These are not unreasonable requests, and we believe that in the face of a quater of a billion revenue loss across the golfing industry here in the Islands, in lieu of the Department of Healths admission that there were no dangerous levels of Secondhand Smoke in these venues in the first place, calls for immediate action to amend the current smoking laws in the state of Hawaii! 

I urge all golf course employees and management to contact your legislators and let them know how the Smoking Ban Law is devastating your businesses.

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