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Submitting Testimony
Our state has its own way of doing business.  Written testimony is required to get your opinion into the record books.  The process is fairly easy.  The key is knowing which bills are coming to hearing and what you need to do about them.  Members will be contacted with the pertinent data regarding these hearings, and the instructions for submitting your personal testimony.  The reason these bills go unchallenged is that the public has been left in the dark as to the process of how things really work down at that square building we call the State Capitol.  The lobbyists that get paid to get these bills passed have a perfect understanding of the "how to" regarding these archaic prohibition laws.
To submit testimony in support of Common Sense Business-wise Legislation, please click on the following link:
testimony@Capitol.hawaii.gov .  The testimony must be received 24 hours prior to any given hearing date.  Those dates and hearing notices will be provided to members when they become available.
The submit testimony in opposition of expansion of these unconstitutional laws, please click on the following link:
testimony@Capitol.hawaii.gov .  I can not express to you the imperative of nipping these new bills at their very beginning stages.  As you all well know by now, it is difficult to have to fight them after the fact.  Yet fight we must!
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