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Lawmakers, their stance
We believe in supporting the Lawmakers who are in support of your rights.  We also believe that Lawmakers who would rather strip us of those rights should suffer the consequence of losing their elections.  The following list, is known as the "red list" on the smokevote.com.  But I call it the "keep um in, sweep um out" lists.  Many of our legislators are still "riding on the fence" so to speak.  We will update the lists, as the legislators position become available.

The power is yours!  What does every politician fear the most?  Not being re-elected.  The power you will exercise this November is precious and will have a major effect in how our legislators will be doing Business, not only with us, but for us, as it should be.  Remember, this is a government of the people, by the people for the people.

eep them in...

Those legislators who Support you:

We give a big Thumbs up to:

Senator Mike Gabbard- Kapolei


A staunch Supporter of the freedom of Choice for our business owners Platform.  Kapolei, he is a keeper, so show your support.

Senate President Shan Tsutsui - Wailuku Maui


Shan was a surprise to us, he signed on to co sponsor the Bill for the exemption for bar Owners.    At least there are some reasonable law makers from the Island of Maui.  Do your thing and show this man the Aloha and respect that he has shown you.

Representative Rida Cabanilla - Waipahu


Rida has been instrumental in trying to bring exemptions to the current smoking law, she is an avid supporter of a persons freedom to choose their lifestyle habits and to be personally reponsible for the choices we should be allowed to make.

Representative Gene Ward - Hawaii Kai, Queens Gate


Gene has been so much help to us in our fight to bring some common sense back into the state.  Support him, as he has supported you, and your freedom to choose.


Cindy has also co- sponsored the bills that would once again give freedom of choice a chance to ring throughout our islands once more.  She needs your vote.

 Representative Joe Souki
Wailuku, Waihe'e, Waiehu


Joe has been very supportive.  He took the time to listen to what the actual effects this drastic law was causing.  Like many lawmakers, he had no idea that the results would be so devastating.  Only wise men can see when a mistake has been made, check their egos at the door, and make appropriate changes in opinion and action.  Joe is one of the many converts.  His staff has been so incredibly nice, helpful and supportive as well.  He supports your freedom of Choice.  Now thats a change of mind that we can all live with.  Please support him in his upcoming election.

Representative James Tokioka
Lihue, Koloa


James is also empathically in support of a revision and or tweaking to the current law.  We are hopeful that he will take it upon himself  to run against his fellow islander Hoosier.  That would be something we could all cheer about.  And he would have our full support.  Please give him yours as well.

Representative Glenn Wakai
Moanalua Valley, Moanalua, Salt Lake


Glenn we must say has one of the friendliest offices in the big square castle.  I always look forward to their smiling faces and their true Aloha Spirit just shines through.  He was one of the first to sit down with us, hear our concerns, and decide that indeed, something had to be done about it.  Please support him come election time.

Representative Sharon Har
Royal Kunia, Makakilo, Kapolei


With a no nonsense attitude, she quickly dug in to fixing this abomination that she had no part in passing in the first place.  She is a strong supporter of your right to freedom of choice and a business owners right to servicing whichever clientele they decide to cater to. 

Bravo and thank you.

There are quite a few others that should be updated on this list. More updates to follow...

Sweep them out or smoke them out, your choice...

A resounding thumbs down in 2014 to:

Rosalyn Baker for multiple bills attacking freedom of choice this year.

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