Hawaii Smokers Alliance
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How has the Smoking Ban affected you?
Whether you are a bar owner, employee, work in the hospitality industry, resident or visitor alike, the current smoking ban is causing economic havoc.  The links below are there for you to share your personal opinion on this matter.  We will in turn make sure that our legislators get this information.  They sit in the State Capitol, completely unaware of the financial devastation that is spreading across the state.  Most of them do not even appear to read the front pages of our local newspapers.  We must let them know, in writing, that all is not well.  Please share your story with us.  Print out the form that applies to you and return via email to: jolyn@hawaiismokersalliance.com or fax to 808-236-2661.  Mahalo!

Employee statement of smoking ban effects

Business owners statement on smoking ban effects.

Residents statement on smoking ban effects.

Visitors statement on smoking ban effects.
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